Since 1999, WasteWatcher has been a leader in tracking, monitoring, reporting and managing medical waste developing our own bespoke technology platforms and working with many of the most prominent medical institutions.  Our platforms flexibility and granularity allows for the implementation of waste reduction initiatives, identification and mitigation of infection risks, provides for sub-facility billing, and can provide cradle to grave tracking for auditing and compliance.

WasteWatcher is a fully hosted SaaS application, and has been since originally conceived.  WasteWatcher is very proud of our position of leadership in the SaaS cloud space, not just in the medical and waste management arenas, but in the cloud industry as a whole.


WasteWatcher is part of the Niagara Technology Group family.  Originally a part of the Nicklin Associates medical facilities management group in the 1990s, WasteWatcher was split off to fall under NTG in 2000 and has been operated fully by NTG ever since (NTG also split off from Nicklin Associates in 2000.)  Based from Ithaca, New York, WasteWatcher and now from Carrollton, Texas – WasteWatcher continues a tradition of stability and reliability in the medical waste space.  We know that medical waste is not flashy or exciting, but we have found an important niche where we take pride in how our technology has been used to reduce waste and reduce risk exposures.


Inquiries about the WasteWatcher product are handled through our parent, Niagara Technology Group.  Please reach out to discuss how we can help you with your medical waste.

Phone: (607) 288-4012 x107
Email: [email protected]